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Holiday Charcuterie Cheese Board Hack

Wreath Cheese board Hack//

I love creating festive charcuterie cheese boards for the holiday season. These delicious snack boards have quickly become a holiday party tradition for my family.

There are so many fun designs you can make, but my favorite for Christmas parties are these meat and cheese boards that are created in a shape of a wreath!

Charcuterie meat and cheese board in the shape of a wreath.

While making my most recent wreath charcuterie board, I came across a fun cheese board hack and am so excited to share it today with you.

This little holiday snack hack really adds the cutest details which ties in nicely with any Christmas party decoration.

When hosting parties, it's all about the presentation and small details that can bring friends and loved ones together.

A Must Try Holiday Cheese Board Hack

Christmas tree cookie cutters can be used to cut out holiday shapes with cheeses for your charcuterie board.

I found these cute Christmas tree cookie cutters and adorable gingerbread cookie cutters in the Hearth and Hand section at my local Target.

They were originally bought to use for my homemade sugar and gingerbread cookies, but I realized these holiday cookie cutters could also be used to create a fun festive cheese board as well.

Get the exact cookie cutters here! Hold and click down on the images below to shop.

Gingerbread cookie cutter used to cut cheeses for a meat and cheese board.

Tips for Cutting the Cheese with Cookie Cutters:

  1. Make sure the cheese is slightly softened. If it's too soft of a cheese it will crumble and if the block of cheese is to hard it will be too difficult for the cookie cutter to press into the cheese and it may cause the cheese to crack. Be very cautious when pushing the cookie cutter into the cheese.

  2. Use cheeses that are in a block shape verses a triangle shape which will give you more room to cut with your cookie cutter depending on the size of your cookie cutter. For example, block cheddar cheese would be a good type of cheese for cutting with a cookie cutter.

  3. With a knife or wire cheese slicer, cut your block of cheese down to size depending on it's thickness so that the cookie cutter can cut through the cheese.

  4. Save your scrap cheeses around the cookie cutter to use as toppings for salads, scrambled eggs, casseroles, etc.

Holiday wreath charcuterie cheese board with an adorable bow tie.

The Best Flavorful Cheeses For a Cheese Board:

This really comes down to personal preference on your taste buds, but I'll share our family favorites with you.

  • Blue Cheese

  • White Stilton with Cranberries

  • Everything Beagle Goat Cheese

  • Rosemary and Olive Oil Asiago

  • Artigiano Cheese with Aged Balsamic Onions

  • Gouda

  • Brie

  • Cheddar

Wreath Charcuterie Board with Christmas Tree shaped cheeses using cookie cutters.