Gift Idea Blogs

How to Find the Best Gift Idea Blogs

There are many great DIY gift guides and gift idea blogs online, how do you know which ones are the best? Well, you could read them all and try all the tips yourself. However, who has that kind of time? Here are a few tips to help you make sure you’re reading the best gift idea blogs on the web.

Check the Comments - What are other readers saying about the blogs? Do they have ideas and inspirations too? When other people are being interactive, that’s a good sign the blog is a good one.
Go Social - Is the blogger posting on social media too? You can get a good insight on the blog and what you can expect by reviewing the pages on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, for example.
Ask Around - If you’re into the gift idea blogs scene, you probably know others who are interested. Ask them for a few suggestions of their favorite blogs and you’ll likely find some of the best out there.
Consider the Content - Are you looking for guides on how to make certain crafts or are you more interested in wrapping and such? Look at the content on the blogs to find the ones that will best suit you.
Read Between the Lines - Finally, consider how well the content is written. A site that is willing to spend extra for a quality writer will likely be one of the “good ones.”
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