One of the first rooms in my house that you can see coming in from the front door is my dining room. Unfortunately, without having a foyer or some kind of drop zone at my entryway, my dining room has quickly become the catch-all place.

Before I began my Makeover



One of the most important steps in the design makeover process is knowing what look you are trying to accomplish with your makeover. Creating a mood board or vision board can really help you to envision all of the makeover details needed for your project.

Before I began my makeover, I created a mood board from a creative design tool called Canva. To help me get started with my mood board, I browsed one of my favorite places to shop for some inspiration.


I absolutely love POTTERYBARN and knew that I wanted to create a look very similar to that style, so I picked out pieces of furniture and decor from their online site that spoke to me.


I then, added similar pictures of each item to my mood board such as curtains, chandelier, chairs, etc. and created a dining room makeover draft as you can see in the below picture. I even included a sample of my paint color.

Dining Room Makeover

How to get the POTTERYBARN look

It was time for a change, so I refreshed my dining room and I can't wait to share with you the inspiration behind my makeover.

I knew I wanted my dining room to look elegant and magazine ready, so I gained some inspiration from one of my favorite places to shop.

comparing Prices

Although I wish I could own everything that POTTERYBARN has to offer, I just personally can't afford to buy the whole POTTERYBARN look. So, I purchased a few pieces from their store that was within my budget (because I love their brand so much), and then searched for decor dupes by comparing prices with other stores.

Decor Tip: Budgeting in some of your favorite higher end brands and mixing it in with decor dupes can not only save you a lot of money, but it will create an illusion of a big brand makeover without the decor looking like a knock off version. You can really fool people to think you spent a fortune on your makeover because the decor replicates bigger branded products.

decor dupes

Decor Dupe #1

White Curtains: The first thing on my makeover list was to add long linen drop cloth curtains. I chose an over sized length so the curtains would puddle at the floor. I love that look!

POTTERYBARN Price: $134 ( 1 panel) 

Walmart Price: $29.99 (1 panel)

Amazon Price: $36 (2 panels)

Decor Dupe #2

Linen Table Throws: Because my dining room table is so dark and it is competing with my mom's wooden piano that was passed down to me, I knew that adding a pretty table throw would help to break up the harsh wood tones. Plus! Table throws are the perfect layering piece for creating a gorgeous centerpiece.


Target Price: $29.99

Amazon Price: $20

Decor Dupe #3


Centerpiece Vases: I love adding florals to a dining room tablescape, so I wanted to add glass vases to help lighten up my dining room table. I knew that incorporating glass would help to draw the eye through the room which creates a light and airy look.


Target Price: $24.99

Amazon Price: $29.99

I am so happy with how my dining room makeover turned out. It was so fun to see my mood board come to life. I just have one more thing to add to the room and that is these gorgeous linen chair covers. I am currently deciding on which one's to buy, but I'm so excited to pair up the white linen covers with the dark wood table. POTTERYBARN got me hooked on that look!

shop slipcovers

I will update this post once my linen slipcovers arrive and will do a dining room slipcover review for you. 

Front Porch Wreath

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