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I absolutely love hosting backyard patio parties. Growing up and having a May birthday near Memorial Day weekend, I spent a lot of my birthdays in the backyard. I think having this as my family birthday tradition, makes me look forward to decorating my backyard for the Summer season. Each year I try to refresh our landscaping and add any piece of furniture that will make our patio a cute and cozy outdoor space.


My backyard was in need of a refresh this year, so I went on Amazon and rounded up my Summertime Patio Decor Must Haves. These items all received amazing reviews and are currently in my shopping cart. I can't wait to decorate and show you the "Before & After" pictures. Below is my shopping cart list, in case you are decorating your Patio this Summer and need ideas as well: 

1. Lounge Chair

2. Outdoor Rug

3. Adirondack Chair

4. Pool Towels

5. Lanterns

6. Bistro Lights

7. Outdoor Table

8. Fire Pit Bowl

9. Hershey's 

10. Skewers 

Your Turn: What is your favorite backyard patio must have? I would love to see what decor inspires you in the comments below. These gorgeous white Adirondack chairs are by far my favorite place to sit outside with my hubby and have nice evening chats together.

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