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Wreath Making Tips

wreath making tips

Wreath Making Tips for Beginners

If you’ve seen some of the cool new wreaths on the market today, chances are you’re captivated. You might be happy with just buying a wreath off the shelf but perhaps you would like to have a custom wreath that perfectly matches your personality and style. If you’re thinking about doing it yourself, check out these wreath making tips for beginners.

Start Simple - For your first wreath, make sure you aren’t trying to do too much. A simple wreath will have a big impact and you will be less likely to make serious mistakes.
Use Good Glue - It may be hard to believe, but one of the most important parts of making wreaths is the glue. A good glue will not be visible once you get the wreath together and it is durable too. Spend a little extra on glue and your results will be well worth it.
Think About Where it Will Hang - Another tip that is very important is that you need to think about where your wreath will hang. You need to use different materials and construction techniques if the wreath will be outside--particularly if it is in wind or rain.
Try and Try Again - Don’t glue your wreath or finish it until you are happy. Most wreath making materials can be worked and reworked so that you can try over and over again until things are just right. Don’t press it--especially if you are new to making wreaths.
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