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Save Time and Money with these Easy Kitchen Cabinet Wreath Hanging Hacks- Without a Measuring Tape

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Christmas Kitchen Wreath Hanging Tutorial//

Christmas is such a fun time of year for decorating the kitchen and baking homemade goodies! Every year my sisters and my mom come over to my house for a fun girl's night of baking our favorite holiday cookies.

I enjoy hosting and creating a cheery Christmas atmosphere with my kitchen wreaths. The mini draping wreaths adds such a fun layer of festivity to the room.

Read below to learn how to quickly hang wreaths on your kitchen cabinet door!

Learn how to hang mini wreaths on kitchen cabinet doors.
Follow These Easy Kitchen Cabinet Wreath Hanging Tips

I have a simple wreath hanging method that will make hanging mini wreaths on your kitchen cabinet door super easy and quick.

Keep on reading if you think you can benefit from learning these easy and time saving kitchen cabinet wreath hanging tips and tricks.

How to Hang Mini Wreaths Using Ribbons on your Kitchen Cabinet Doors?

Beginner Level:

1. Establish a hanging height

Hold your mini wreath up against the cabinet door to the height you would like the wreath to hang.

Easy and money saving ways to hang mini wreaths on kitchen cabinet doors.
Hanging Kitchen Cabinet Wreaths

2. Mark hanging height with tape

Mark the desired hanging spot on the cabinet with tape (or make a small dot with a pencil) to use as a height reference as seen in the picture above.

3. Measure out the ribbon length

Hold your ribbon in place on the backside of the door about 2 inches from the top of the door. Then drape the rest of the ribbon over the frontside of the cabinet in line with your tape/pencil mark you made.

Pro tip: leave at least 2-4 inches of extra ribbon draping past your tape/pencil mark to be able to make a bow or knot when hanging your wreath- the longer the ribbon, the longer your bow tails can hang down.

Cut the ribbon to your desired length according to your establish hanging height.

Use painters tape or masking tape to mark the height of your kitchen wreath
Mark your Desired Height with Tape

4. Use the Ribbon as a template

Use the ribbon that you just measured out as a template. Cut all the ribbons that you will be hanging wreaths with to the same length.

5. Attach the ribbon to the backside of the door