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Save Time and Money with these Easy Kitchen Cabinet Wreath Hanging Hacks- Without a Measuring Tape

Ok! call me lazy, but something about getting a measuring tape out makes me not want to hang things up in my home.

I don't know if it's because it takes a little math and numbers when using a measuring tape, or it's just the extra step of going to my toolbox to get one out. It's probably both reasons I would not prefer to use a measuring tape when hanging wreaths.

Follow These Easy Kitchen Cabinet Wreath Hanging Tips

Well, if you can relate to this tedious dilemma, I have a simple wreath hanging hack that will make hanging mini wreaths on your kitchen cabinet door super easy.

Keep on reading if you think you can benefit from learning these easy and time saving kitchen cabinet wreath hanging tips and tricks.

How to Hang a Mini Wreath on your Kitchen Cabinet Doors?

Beginner Level:

1. Hold your mini wreath up against the cabinet door to the height you would like the wreath to hang.

Hanging Kitchen Cabinet Wreaths

2. Mark the spot on the cabinet with tape or make a small dot with a pencil to use as a height reference.

3. Hold your ribbon in place on the backside of the door about 2 inches from the top of the door. Then drape the ribbon tail over the front side of the cabinet in line with your marking you made. Cut the ribbon in line with the mark, which will be your hanging ribbon length. ( Pro tip: add at least 2-4 inches of extra ribbon to your length to be able to make a bow or knot when hanging your wreath- the longer the ribbon, the longer your bow tails can hang down.)

Mark your Desired Height with Tape

4. Cut all of your ribbons that you will be using for each cabinet wreath to this size. Each ribbon needs to be the same length.

5. Use duct tape to attach the ribbon to the back of the door.

6. Attach the wreath to the front of the cabinet door with the ribbon that is hanging in place. Use your marking you made to determine the best hanging height. Tie the wreath to the ribbon with a knot or bow.

7. Make any adjustments as needed by moving the attached ribbon up or down the cabinet door.


Advantage: Saves money and time by using less ribbon and easier steps

Disadvantage: Will need to be sure to cut ribbon length long enough to attach wreath with a bow or knot.

Intermediate Level:

1. Place a command hook on the back of the cabinet door upside down.

Place a Command Hook Upside Down

2. Hang your ribbon of choice (without the wreath) around the command hook and drape the ribbon tails over the front side of the door to the desired length you would like the wreath to hang. Cut the ribbon once you reached your desired hanging length.

3. Cut all of your ribbons that you will be using for each cabinet door wreath to match accordingly. Each ribbon needs to be the same length.

4. Tie your wreath to the ribbon that is hanging on the front of the cabinet door.

5. Make any adjustments as needed by tightening up or loosening up the tie around the wreath.


Advantage: Keep the command hook on the door for year-round wreath hanging.

Disadvantage: This step can cost more money as the command hooks tend to be more costly than duct tape, and more ribbon usage is involved.

Christmas Hoop Wreaths with Black Velvet Ribbon

Pro Level:

1. Skip the hanging ribbon altogether by simply adding command hooks to the front of your kitchen cabinets. Place the command hooks correctly according to directions on the package.

2. Add a bow at the top of the wreath to hide the command hook.

Pro tip: Make sure the command hook can hold the weight of your wreath.

Make a measuring template using string or yarn to serve as a height reference when adding the command hook to each door, or eyeball it and make adjustments accordingly.


Advantage: Inexpensive and the simplest way to hang cabinet wreaths.

Disadvantage: Command hooks may cause damage to the front side of painted cabinet doors if not pulled off correctly.

Hopefully, one of these wreath hanging guidelines will work for you. It really can be done as simple as possible. The look that you are trying to create with your cabinet wreaths is all in your creativity.

Click on the below images to create your own DIY Kitchen Cabinet Wreath. The below links will take you directly to Amazon. I may make a small commission at no additional cost to you, just easy shopping sources provided. Read my full disclaimer, here.

Here are some jump starters to get your creative juices flowing:

What Size Wreaths Should I Hang on My Kitchen Cabinet?

Because cabinet doors can come in a variety of sizes, selecting an appropriate size wreath to accommodate your kitchen door can vary.

Typically. mini wreaths that measure approximately 8-10 inches in diameter will work best on a kitchen door panel.

Also, using lightweight wreaths made with metal hoop frames or embroider hoops can be a good option as they tend to lay flat against the cabinet and can easily hang with duck tape or a command hook.

How High Should I Place the Wreath on the Cabinet Door?

Again, kitchen cabinet doors can vary in height and width, so it will be up to you to determine the exact measurement.

Pro tip: Be sure to avoid placing your wreath next to your cabinet door handle.

Placing a wreath near a door handle, especially if it is full of greenery, can get in your way of opening the cabinet door.

To get a visual of what height would look best for your kitchen cabinets, place a wreath up to the cabinet door and eyeball the space using painters tape or masking tape as a reference.

How Many Wreath Should I Hang in my Kitchen?

Deciding how many wreaths to hang in your kitchen can be determined by a few factors:

How many cabinets are in your kitchen?

If you have a kitchen with a lot of cabinets, you may not want to hang a wreath on every cabinet door as it can make your kitchen look overcrowded. However, I've seen homes that hang mini wreaths on every kitchen cabinet, and it looked stunning. I think it will depend on the size of ribbons and wreaths you plan to use.

Does your kitchen have a focal feature such as a window or stove hood?

Hanging a wreath on one of these focal features is a perfect place to decorate for the seasons, instead of hanging wreaths on the cabinet doors.

What can I use other than a nail to attach the wreath to the kitchen door?

Using a command hook is a popular option as you can leave it on the inside of your cabinet door all year long. There is no need to take it off every time.

Using duct tape or strong tape is another alternative if you're looking for something to use that you may have around the house. Duct tape is a temporary hanging solution that you can remove when taking down the cabinet wreaths after each season.

What supplies will I need to hang my wreaths on my kitchen door

1. command hook or duck tape

2. ribbon

3. scissors

4. 8-10" wreath

5. clear tape or painters tape

How do I hang my wreaths evenly on the cabinet doors?

To ensure that you are hanging your wreaths evenly on the cabinet doors, you will need to mark the desired hanging height with tape or a small dot.

Then, make sure you cut all the ribbon you will be using to the same length.

If you want an exact measurement, you will need to measure the cabinet doors with a measuring tape.

However, I find that using the hanging methods noted above to work just fine with minor adjustments needed.

Where Else Can I Hang Mini Wreaths in my Home?

There are many places you can hang mini wreaths in your home. One of my favorite places to hang smaller wreaths is over a mirror. Draping a wreath over a mirror in an entryway foyer or a dining room can add more charm to a focal wall.

Hanging a smaller hoop wreath in a nursery is another trending option for new moms. Mini wreaths that feature dainty flowers that match the nursery colors help to create a cozy and warming space for the mom and baby.

Also, hanging mini wreaths in bathrooms and on gallery walls is a fun and creative way to add greenery to your home.

How to DIY a small hoop wreath to hang on my cabinet door?

Creating your own DIY cabinet door wreath can be so much fun. Check out my step by step wreath-making tutorial below.



Hanging mini wreaths on your kitchen cabinet doors can be so effortless with these simple wreath hanging hacks.

Anything that does not require a measuring tape is my kind of DIY. I look forward to decorating my kitchen for Christmas as this is where my guests tend to congregate over hot chocolate and holiday cookies. Hanging mini Christmas wreaths in my kitchen adds another level of Christmas ambiance.

Be sure to tag me on instagram @thegiftedwreathllc if you end up using one of my kitchen cabinet wreath hanging hacks. I'd love to feature your kitchen!

Thank you for visiting The Gifted Wreath Blog today. I'm so excited you came here for a visit, glad to have you.

Have a safe and cozy day!

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