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The #1 Most Helpful Wreath Making Tip You Must Know

As a self taught wreath maker, I have searched numerous articles on Pinterest and all over the internet explaining countless ways to make a DIY wreath. There are so many good ideas out there to help you get started, however, it wasn't until I actually made my very first wreath that I truly learned the best tip any wreath maker should know before making their very first wreath! I'm here to tell you the secret, but first I wanted to share with you my top favorite tip picks I have learned and love through my wreath making experience.

Counting Down to My Favorite and Most Helpful DIY Wreath Making Tip of All Time:

5. Rule of odds: Arranging flowers in odd numbers is very eye catching.

4. Play time: Playing with petals sparks creativity. Laying out your greenery/floral on your wreath frame before you begin attaching them will give you a visual of what your arrangement will look like. From here, you can add or take away any elements to the design to achieve your desired style before you permanently attach your arrangement together. This is when you will be using the rule of odds tip.

3. Color Match: Aim to match your floral wire/string with the greenery to avoid being an eyesore.

2. Nobody Likes a Phony: When using faux materials, aim to avoid materials that do not replicate the stems or flowers in real life. Avoid plastic and fluorescent looking materials.

My #1 Top Secret Wreath Making Tip That is so Helpful

  1. Measure your space first! Measuring the space where you plan to hang or display your wreath is the most important thing you must do before you begin designing your DIY wreath. I've learned the hard way that space and sizing definitely matters! Having to start your DIY wreath over just to resize it can definitely be annoying, but it also can be avoided just by simply measuring out the area you plan to hang or display your wreath. For example: sizing the width of your front door, measuring the height of a wall, measuring the back of a chair, measuring the width of a candle. All these various ways you can make use of your gorgeous wreath all have a proper wreath size to achieve in order to serve that function well. It's an important tip I ended up learning from my own experience and wanted to share with you in efforts to help you achieve making your very first wreath without a redo!

You Got This!

I'm excited for you as you dabble into your creative drive making your very own wreath. Crafting has been so therapeutic to me and I love offering suggestions or ideas that can perhaps make your DIY experience just as enjoyable. If you found these tips to be helpful, please share and save this post to Pinterest. Your support is greatly appreciated.

Have a wonderful day!

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