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3 Tidy Tips That Will Maximize Your Small Closet Space

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Small Closet Makeover Reveal//

Happy New Year! January always gets me so excited for home improvement projects.

There is something so satisfying to me about purging and organizing my home at the start of the new year.

Starting the new year off fresh with a clean house and clean closets bring me so much joy.

This week I started my New Year cleaning spree in my daughter's room.

Her room had gotten so messy over the last few weeks with adding Christmas gifts to the pile. She was running out of space in her room quickly.

It was time for a mini closet makeover!

I knew my daughter's room needed a simple storage solution that would help maximize her closet space.

Small closet makeover tour, before picture.
Small Closet Makeover, Before Picture

My daughter's closet was not functional at all! It lacked storage space, only having one wire shelf and clothing rod.

She had minimum closet space to hang her wardrobe and nowhere to store away her belongings.

So, I made her a DIY boutique-style closet that completely transformed her room -see below!

Before I began the mini closet makeover

Before I began the closet makeover, I briefly looked around my daughter's room to identify her storage problem areas.

I saw handfuls of bath and bodywork lotions, beauty supplies, hair accessories, and toys all cluttered on her dresser and desk.

kids room makeover with white desk and furniture.
Kids room makeover, before picture

Then, I sketched out her closet on paper and designed a quick storage plan that would work best for storing these types of items.

A simple sketch for a small closet storage design
Simple Closet Storage Design

Below are the 3 tidy closet tips that I used to maximize my daughter's small wardrobe space.

1. Floating Shelves

As I mentioned above, my daughter's closet only had one wire rack with a clothing rod. I knew right away that the first thing we needed to do to gain more functional storage space was to add more shelving.