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Splurge Or Save- Creating Luxurious Layers for Your Bed

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luxurious layers for your bed//

If you've been following me on Instagram, then you have probably seen some of my Home Styling Videos.

My videos take my followers on a virtual tour of my home while I share my simple and affordable home decorating tips in action!

One of my recent styling tips I shared with my followers was how to build bedding and sheets layers on a budget.

I knew I wanted to create a comfy cozy bed that feels like I'm sleeping in a high-end hotel without breaking my budget.

So, I used a splurge versus save research strategy to help me create these luxurious layers for my bed without compromising quality.

I'm so excited to share my budget friendly bedding reveal and reviews on my blog with you today along with my source links in case you are looking to do the same thing.

Splurge versus Save Edition:

How to create luxurious hotel-style layers for your bed on a budget:

First Things First!

I first started my hotel-style bedding makeover by creating a mood board that included my wish list of my favorite bedding essentials listed below.

I like creating mood boards for all of my home makeover projects using Canva design tool as it helps to give me a visual of the specific layout of space I am working with.

It's a great kick-starter tool for brainstorming a design plan, which ultimately helps to save money and time because it provides a visual of everything that will be included or you wish to include in your design project.

I basically use a vision board to help me prioritize and dense down my wants and needs list so I can create a more realistic budget that way, if that makes sense.

Let's Dive IN

Bedding Essentials

1.Fitted & Flat Sheet Set


I highly recommend saving money on bed sheets. There is no need to overspend on sheets when you can buy Mellanni Brand Bed Sheets on Amazon for less than $40 dollars. With over 204,549 five star reviews and they come in multiple colors, wrinkle free, and are stain resistant, this is a no brainer! It is Luxury bedding on a budget!

Mellanni Bed sheets are super soft and wrinkle-free and so affordable.
Super Soft Wrinkle-Free Bed Sheets from Amazon



This may surprise many that I'm recommending to save on a duvet, but the truth of the matter is, if you plan to stuff your duvet inside a cover, then there is no need to spend hundreds of dollars on a duvet you won't even see.

Selecting the right duvet is all about comfort. I found my white down alternative quilted duvet insert on Amazon for less than $28 and it's king size!!

It's perfect for all seasons and the best part is, it is machine washable. You can purchase the Kingsley Trend Down Alternative Duvet here.

The Kingsley Trend Down Alternative Duvet is light weight and comfortable for all seasons.
All Season Down Alternative Duvet

3. Duvet Cover


Now this is where you may want to invest your money. The outside of your bedding layers should look and fee