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Homemade Christmas Cards and Outfit Ideas with Minted.

How to make a homemade Christmas card look professionally done

I must admit, I rarely use a professional photographer when it comes to making homemade Christmas Cards. There is something so special to me about scrolling through my camera roll from the photos I took throughout the year and choosing that one special picture that I like to say "this should be on our Christmas card this year" as I snap the photo.

Half the time those are the silly candid pictures that catch us in the middle of yawning, eyes closed, hair blown, or making some type of weird face. And truth be told, I would never use those kinds of pictures on my Christmas cards in a million years (although it would be super funny for the most part).

So needless to say, the majority of our family photos in my camera roll look like this one below, lol.

This pretty much sums up my family, haha.

This is why I like to use Minted!

Minted is truly a lifesaver when it comes to creating gorgeous cards and stationaries. They can take your ordinary camera roll picture and effortlessly transform it into something that looks so high end and professional.

I love that their website is user friendly, affordable, and offers so many wonderful design templates for every occasion. No experience needed when navigating the site!

I just received my Christmas cards I created from Minted in the mail the other day, and was completely impressed with the paper and printing quality. They feel so luxurious and look professionally done!

Also, when you use Minted, you are supporting independent artists who create these amazing customizable templates for you to use.

My Christmas Card template below was designed by I think the font is so pretty on this one and goes perfectly with our dressy attire.

Homemade Christmas Card Photo Tips:

  1. Create a picture day outfit capsule. You can create a fun theme such as Holiday Glam, Rocky Mountain Christmas, Holiday Pajamas, Let it Snow, etc. to help drum up ideas for your family photo outfits.

  2. Find a beautifully secluded location that will make the perfect backdrop for your outfits. I highly recommend finding a place where you can relax as a family and that is free from bystanders.

  3. Have 4-5 favorite poses you would like to recreate. Pinterest is a terrific resource for family picture taking ideas.

  4. Use a camera or iphone tripod with a cordless remote control to snap your candid shots.

  5. Edit your pictures as needed using a professional photo filter for a more polished look. You can purchase affordable filter packages on Etsy. Most of them come with an easy step by step installation tutorial and are compatible with the Light Room photo editing App.

  6. Use Minted website to design high quality Homemade Christmas Cards at an affordable price.

click and hold down on the carousel pictures to shop!

All in all, I am so pleased with how my Christmas card came out this year! Implementing the above best practices for taking family photos in combined with using Minted completely made my homemade holiday cards look and feel like a million bucks without the hefty price tag.

Do you like to make your own Christmas cards too?

This post is not sponsored by Minted. Just my honest review. I may make a small commission from the affiliate links provided at no additional cost to you. Thank you for trusting my content and product reviews. And always, thank you for shopping my links. I hope you find this post to be helpful.

Beautifully and Wonderfully Yours,




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