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Half Moon Wreath Hack for Halloween

Learn how to make this spooky Half Moon Wreath Hack for Halloween that will save you money.

Spooky Half Moon Wreath by The Gifted Wreath

So the other day I was in Michaels Craft Store browsing the Halloween section and came across a half moon shaped grapevine. This was a new product that I've never seen at Michaels before and it looked so cool. I believe it just came out this Fall!

I actually picked it up and put it in my cart and then quickly realized the price tag. I saw that it was selling for $24.99, and even with the 40% off discount being offered, I knew I could make my own half moon wreath for half the price.

Half moon wreath at Michaels Craft Store

So naturally, I put the crescent shaped grapevine back on the shelf and put an 18 inch circle shape grapevine in my cart instead. The 18 inch grapevines sell for only $5.99 and if you purchase the wreath online you can use the coupon code 20MADEBYYOU to save 20%.

This incredible savings is definitely worth a fun DIY!

How to Make a Crescent Shaped Wreath Using a Circle or Oval Shape Grapevine that will save you money.

Step 1

Using floral wire cutters, start clipping a side section of the round or oval grapevine. Some of the grapevine branches might be too thick for the wire cutters so using your extra hand, help bend and snap (lol) the branches as needed. I would recommend wearing padded gardening gloves to help avoid getting any blisters on your hand from applying grip pressure to the floral pliers.

How to make a half moon wreath for Halloween

Step 2

Once you cut the branches all the way through to form an opening, repeat the process so that you're able to remove a section of the grapevine to form a "C" shape.

Half moon wreath tutorial

Step 3

Trim the ends on both sides to create a point. This will give you the crescent half moon shape.

DIY crescent half moon wreath tutorial

Step 4

Tightly tie jute string near both points to help secure the crescent shape.

Step 5


Halloween Tip: Add bats, owl, glow in the dark stars, fairy lights, etc. for a fun spooky half moon wreath!

Learn how to make this spooky crescent shape wreath for Halloween and save money

Front Entryway decorated for Fall with a Half Moon Shaped Wreath