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My 5 Step Formula for Decorating a Dreamy Christmas Tree

Easy tree trimming hacks that will transform any Christmas tree to the tree of your dreams!

5 step formula for decorating a dreamy Christmas tree, The ultimate tree decorating hack

Have you ever put so much time and hard work into decorating your Christmas tree only to step back and realize that everything you just did looked completely awful and sloppy?

I used to drive myself nuts, looking over my tree and checking it more than twice fidgeting around moving an ornament over here, moving a bow over there with an unpromising hope to achieve an aesthetically pleasing looking tree. It became an exhausting mind game.

So I gave it some thought and did some hands on practicing to come up with an easy and super organized approach for decorating a dreamy Christmas tree without the hassle of chaos and a constant desire to "fix" the tree.

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My 5 step formula is a real game changer and has thoroughly made my tree decorating experience more enjoyable! I hope you'll find it to be helpful as well.

Here is my easy 5 Step Formula for Decorating a Gorgeous Christmas Tree of Your Dreams:

Step 1: String the Christmas lights first (pre-lit trees skip to step 2).

I'm stating the obvious, but stranding the lights around the tree first before you begin to decorate helps to prevent the cords from getting tangled up with the ornaments and decorations. Here are some commonly asked questions when it comes to putting up tree lights:

What is the best way to string lights around a Christmas tree?

The easiest way to string lights around a tree is to start at the very bottom branch nearest your power outlet. I like to have my string of lights plugged in and turned on while I strand so I can see the effect it will have on the tree as I strand from branch to branch moving upward to the top of the tree.

Another tip I find to be helpful is instead of stringing the lights entirely around the whole width of the tree, I like to weave the string of lights behind the back of the tree and then reverse back towards the direction I started from so that I do not have to toss the cord of lights directly overtop of the tree to get to the other side as I continue to string. This technique comes in handy if you have a really small space to move in behind the tree such as a corner wall space.

If your tree is in a full 360 degree view where you can see all the way around the tree, this technique will still cover each branch accordingly as long as you don't leave any space between the string of lights as you weave the lights back and forth around the tree.

How do I make my Christmas tree lights look magical?

I find that creating depth with your lights is a beautiful way to add dimension which gives the tree a magical starry look. This method will require a few more strands of lights, but will definitely enhance the ambiance.

To achieve this look, you will strand your light according to step one, however you are focusing on placing the lights towards the inside of your tree close to the bark. Once you have completed the inside layer and have reached the top of the tree, you can now attach more lights to the end of that cord (if needed) to begin placing the lights onto the outer branches as you work your way down the tree to where you originally began by your wall outlet.

For a wow factor add a few strands of twinkle lights to achieve that magical glow.

Life Hack: plug your lights into a portable tree timer outlet so that you can effortlessly enjoy your lights with a simple click of a remote control button or have them automatically turn on and off with a timer!

Step 2: Add garland and or ribbon

If you plan to add ribbon to your Christmas tree, you will want to do this right after your tree is strung with lights. If you already have a pre-lit tree this will be the first thing you'll want to do before adding ornaments and decorations.

How do I put ribbon on my Christmas tree?

Here are two easy and gorgeous ways to add ribbon to your tree:

Black and white ticking stripe ribbon with a pinch and twist technique to tuck into a tree branch while creating half moon shaped loops. How to add ribbon to a Christmas tree.
pinch, twist, and tuck ribbon technique for decorating your Christmas tree

  1. Pinch, twist, and tuck method: This works best if you have a whole roll of ribbon to use. Simply start by tucking the end of the ribbon fabric to a branch at the top of your tree, then create a half moon loop. At the bottom of your half moon shaped loop you will pinch the fabric with your fingers and twist the fabric. Tuck the twisted fabric into the back of the tree and gently secure it in place with a tree branch (The ribbon is easiest to work with if it has wired edges and double sided print). Let the ribbon unroll so that you can repeat the process with the remaining fabric draping from the roll.

  2. Cut and Tuck: This method works best if you do not have a lot of ribbon to work with. Measure out your ribbon to the size of loop you would like to add to your tree. Cut the ribbon to that size and fill in any holes in your tree by tucking and creating a half moon loop shape with the ribbon between the branches and the space you wish to cover. It will give the illusion of ribbon tucked all throughout your tree.