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Master Bathroom Refresh Must-Haves

This blog post contains affiliate links. I may make a small commission using the commissionable links provided at no additional cost to you. Please read my full disclaimer, here. Thank you for supporting The Gifted Wreath.

Bathroom makeover must-haves//

Let's talk self-care shall we! One of my favorite things to do to relax and unwind is soaking in a nice warm soothing bubble bath.

Unfortunately, I don't do this as much as I should because it can be a commitment. Carving out "me-time" can be hard for us all, so that's why I'm sharing today my simple master bath reveal using my refresh must-haves that drastically changed the way I use my bathroom.

Creating a relaxing and nurturing master bathroom doesn't have to be time consuming or stressful. Once you have all of your spa essentials and hygiene care organized and staged, it immediately transforms the room into a spa atmosphere.

Before my quick bathroom makeover, my master bathroom was my dumping grounds, no pun intended, for hoarding all of my self-care items and household junk.

How to organize your bathroom countertops and keep it clutter free.
Bathroom Refresh, Before Picture

Every time I stepped foot in my master bathroom, I immediately felt overwhelmed. It was not serving the relaxing and rejuvenating space I intended it to be.

Instead, I would feel so worked up while in there trying to get ready for the day because of the chaotic clutter.

Read below to see how I transformed my boring bathroom into a luxury spa experience!

Master Bathroom Refresh, Before Picture. How to make your bathtub look like a luxury spa.
Master Bathroom Refresh, Before Picture

What is the benefit of having a nice calming bathroom?

For starters, the bathroom is usually the first room we visit every morning. It's a place where we get ready for the day and practice self-care.

Secondly, having a nice calming bathroom promotes healthy living habits. Taking time out to pamper ourselves and discover tranquility and serenity helps our bodies to ward off stress.

How can I make my bathroom calming?

1. Clean up and put away whatever you used before leaving the room.

2. Use clear drawer organizers to group and house your belongings.

3. Burn candles while you're in the room.

4. Listen to a spa playlist of songs on your phone or echo dot.

5. Invest in hotel-style towels and bathrobe.

6. Create pampering stations like mouthwash, Q-tips, and cotton balls by your sink, and body scrubs, bubble bath, and body wash by your bathtub

Create pampering stations for your master bathroom. Self-care tips and spa styling tips.
Create Pampering Stations for your Master Bathroom

The Gifted Wreath is sharing spa styling must-have tips..
Spa Styling Tips

What are some bathroom styling must-haves?

click on the below links for easy shopping!

Faux chandelier wreath by The Gifted Wreath
Blooming Acre Chandelier Collection by The Gifted Wreath

Sharing helpful spa tips for your master bath.
Spa Styling Tips for Your Master Bath

Self Care Practices

What are the best luxury spa essentials for a master bathroom?

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What are the top pro hair salon hot tools must-haves?

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gimme beauty hair ties (the best ever!)

What are the best makeup organizer must-haves?

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makeup organizer carousel (pictured below)

Make up organizer must-have for your master bath makeover.
Makeup Organizer Must-Have

What is the best women's razor must-have?

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What are some women's makeup and skincare must-haves?

Sharing DIY Spa Bath Makeover Tips
DIY Spa Bath Makeover Must-Haves


Creating a nurturing bathroom with a simple refresh can promote a healthier version of you!

I hope you found something you love from this post to recreate your own beautiful spa master bathroom experience! You are worth the time!

Comment below your favorite bathroom must-have?

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