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Learn How to Weather Proof Your Wreath With This One Simple Hack!

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Weatherproof wreath care tips//

We all know sunny weather can be brutal on outdoor decor, especially on outdoor faux wreaths. Most faux wreaths end up fading or worse- the hot glue melts in the hot sun causing the materials to fall off.

This is why I like spraying a UV floral protection on my wreaths. I find that it helps to keep the wreath in good condition throughout the hot summer weather. However, I recently had one of my customers ask me if there was anything I would recommend to protect a wreath from rainy inclement weather?

I was eager to find out the best way to weather proof your wreath through inclement weather, so I did a little searching. In searching for some potential answers, I came across a few sites mentioning that using WD-40 could potentially help repel rain droplets off of a wreath. I must say I had never tried using WD-40 on my wreaths before, so I was interested in giving this a whirl.

In my Instagram Story Highlights @thegiftedwreathllc, I have created an experiment to see if WD-40 will actually work in protecting the wreath from rainy and sunny weather.

My experiment includes two wreaths with one being sprayed with the WD-40, and the other wreath without any product. (Both wreaths were made using the same materials.)

Learn how to weather proof your wreath with WD-40. #wreathtips
WD-40 Weather Proof Wreath

I sprayed the wreath pictured above with the WD-40, and noticed right away that the spray left a glossy coating on the greenery and floral, but it did not change the color or cause any defect to the materials used.

I actually liked how vibrant looking the wreath appeared after using the WD-40 spray. It had a nice pretty "glow" with the spray. After spraying the wreath, I made sure I labeled it with a tag so I wouldn't forget which wreath had the WD-40. I placed both wreaths in an area in my backyard that tends to receive direct sun and will be exposed openly to any inclement weather.

Testing out to see if WD-40 will actually protect a wreath from rain. #wreaths
WD-40 Wreath Hack

So far, I can say that the WD-40 gives a nice glossy coating on the wreath. I would expect to see that this spray will help protect the wreath from getting ruined in rainy weather conditions because of the sheen coating.

I will report back after the first rainfall to assess any potential changes, but so far I am thinking the WD-40 will help. I will be sure to keep you posted.


Please leave a comment below if you have tried using WD-40 on a wreath. I would love to hear your feedback and if you find that this spray actually works to protect the wreath from harsh weather. I look forward to tracking the results with you!

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