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5 Easy Tips That Will Massively Increase Your Blog Traffic

This blog post contains affiliate links. I may make a small commission using the commissionable links provided at no additional cost to you. Please read my full disclaimer, here. Thank you for supporting The Gifted Wreath.

Are you new to blogging and looking for ways to massively increase your blog traffic?

Well, let's get right to it! Below I am sharing with you 5 easy beginner tips that will generate more visitors to your blog.

5 Things I Do Everyday That Drive Tons of Traffic to my Blog

Learn how to drive massive traffic to your blog with these 5 easy steps. #blogtips #increaseblogtraffic
How to drive massive traffic to your blog

1. Connect

Each day I carve out time to spend on Instagram, Facebook, Etsy, and Pinterest connecting with my followers. I found that spending a little time each day on all of my social media accounts by responding to my messages and inquiries has helped me tremendously to build credibility and community with my followers.

And as a giveback, my followers and subscribers are the first to receive my shop updates and flash sales. Also, using these platforms I can offer them additional free content with my wreath making tutorials and behind the scenes look of owning a small business.

The takeaway tip here is to spend more time connecting than consuming on these platforms. Engaging and connecting is vital to building an audience and for driving traffic to your blog!

2. Consistent Content

The greatest piece of advice I think I ever received from successful bloggers is to pursue consistency. We are creatures of habit and generally thrive off of following a routine. The same goes with blogging and posting content.

Developing a consistent content structure for your website or blog produces growth and encourages traffic to your site. It relays to readers and search engines that you are providing a wealth of content and topics that are likely to be relevant to their searches.

Consistent Content is what makes your brand and blog credible to your niche. Plus! Your followers will develop a sense of community and feeling of belonging when they know what to expect from your blog and content.

I create my monthly content schedule using Microsoft Xcel on my computer which helps me to stay on track with my posting and content goals. I would highly recommend doing something similar.


Commenting and engaging on other people’s blog posts or social media sites usually brings good karma. When you interact with others, usually others will return the sentiment.

Plus! It gives you the opportunity for your blog name to be seen on a various array of platforms. It is a good idea to use your blog name as your social media handle, so that when you make comments and interact with people, they can read your blog name and get to know you as a content creator.

This is an easy way to get more views to your site. I have had the wonderful opportunity to be featured on a few blog sites as a guest blogger just simply be commenting and connecting with people. It is definitely a helpful growth strategy you will want to be doing every day.

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4. Collaborate

Create a list of bloggers that you think would be good for your niche and growth goals. Reach out to them and propose some kind of collaboration such as a giveaway or guest hosting on each other’s blog. Just like I said before, connecting, commenting, and collaborating is critical for driving traffic to your blog.

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5. Coding