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5 Helpful Ways to Hang a Floral Hoop Wreath!

This blog post contains affiliate links. I may make a small commission using the commissionable links provided at no additional cost to you. Please read my full disclaimer, here. Thank you for supporting The Gifted Wreath.

How to hang a floral hoop wreath//

As a wreath maker, one of my most asked question is "How to hang a floral hoop wreath?"

So, I created a helpful list of five beautiful ways I've seen my customers hang their hoop wreaths. Some of these ideas are so simple, but not always thought of right away.

The first one listed is definitely one of my favorites, and makes the perfect backdrop for weddings and baby showers!

Feel free to send me your pictures via if you decide to use any of these ideas listed below. I would love to feature you on my blog!

1. Jute String

Tip: Measure the length of the jute string to achieve your desired look. Tie the string in a knot around the hoop frame and tack or nail the draping string to the wall. Pro Tip: Color or paint the nail/tack to blend in with the wall. You can get your jute string, here.

2. Ribbon

Same concept as with the jute string, but you can get more creative with the color and texture of the ribbon. See the trending styles using the clickable links below.

burlap ribbon

leaf trim ribbon

lace ribbon

3. Command Hook

Tip: This is a great way to drape a grapevine or floral hoop wreath on your front door without using a door hanger or making a hole in your door. Pro Tip: Turn your Command hook upside down to hook your knotted ribbon on the backside of the door. You can order your command hook, here.

4. Decorative Wall Hook/Knob

There are tons of styles to get creative with on this option! I love this part of decorating. It's so fun getting creative. But if you need a little help getting started, you can shop my affiliate links below.

brass knobs

stainless steel knobs

wood knobs

farmhouse style knobs

black knobs

5. Nail or Wall Tack

Tip: Paint the nail or wall tack to match the wall if you prefer it to blend in with the background. Pro Tip: look for push in nails or wall tacks that do not need to be hammered into the wall to avoid making unwanted holes.


I would love to see your comment below on which tip is your favorite, and feel free to share any neat tricks or hacks you may have learned while hanging your wreath? If you found this list to be helpful, please share, save, and pin to Pinterest the below image. Thanks for reading!

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