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How to Decorate Your Front Porch The Easy and Affordable Way

This blog post contains affiliate links. I may make a small commission using the commissionable links provided at no additional cost to you. Please read my full disclaimer, here. Thank you for supporting The Gifted Wreath.

Decorating Your Front Porch The Easy Way // Summer Porch Ideas // Amazon Links

Your front door and entryway is the first thing people see when people come to visit. This is where the quick hello's and long good bye's greeted along with nice warm hugs and kisses are often made. Having a perfectly decorated front porch just makes these greetings even more special. Creating an entryway makeover does not have to be costly either. Here are my tips to creating a beautiful front porch the easy and affordable way:

Decorating Your Front Porch Can Be

Easy and Affordable, Here's How!

Decorating your front porch does not have to break your budget. Most decor items can often be found around your home or even at thrift stores. A beautiful porch can be achieved using as little as 3 decor items. Here are my top 3 Decor Items for making a pretty porch.

My Top 3 Favorite Front Porch Decorations

Porch decorating can be easy and affordable by adding a wreath, door mat, and planters.
Porch Decorating Made Easy

Seasonal or Everyday Wreath

Adding a beautiful wreath to your front door is an easy and cost effective way to add curb appeal to your home. I absolutely love making one of a kind wreaths that add color and texture to my front porch space. It draws the eye to my front door creating a beautiful focal point. You don't even have to have any experience in making your own wreath. You don't even need a glue gun! First select a hoop frame. Tip: grapevine frames do very well outdoors. Second, collect and arrange your favorite greenery and flowers around the frame of choice. Thirdly, wrap the arrangement around the frame super tight with jute string or some type of thin rope and secure it with a knot. Easy Peasy! You can hide the rope by overlapping the greenery. However, if you rather have one already made for you, check out my Etsy shop, here.

Gorgeous Lambs Ear Wreath Farmhouse Style Front Door Wreath
Farmhouse Style Front Door Wreath

Decorative Door Mat

Layering your front porch with a decorative door mat is an easy way to add dimension to your space. If you have a small front porch like I do, try using a larger outdoor rug that extends wider than your front door to create the illusion of a larger space. Then, add a smaller door mat over top of the rug which creates layers and texture. Adding door mats that say "home sweet home", "hello", or "welcome" sends an inviting message to your guests.

Porch Decorating Tip

Create a larger space by layering an outdoor rug that is larger than your front door
Layer an Outdoor Rug Wider Than Your Door

Porch Planters

A third and easy way to decorate your outdoor living space is using pretty planters. There are so many styles and sizes available. A helpful tip to selecting the right porch planter for your space would be to measure your area first. This way, you'll have an understanding of what size and shape of the planter to buy. I choose a farmhouse style black urn planter to complete my front porch makeover, and am totally obsessed with the look.

Bonus Tip: Use Faux Plants, they last longer!

Here is a close up of my topiary plants. They are my favorite faux plants for outdoors. I sprayed a UV floral protectant spray on both of them to help avoid any fading as my porch does get direct sunlight for majority of the day. I have had these topiary plants for a few months now and they still look good as new! I believe the spray really works.

You can shop the farmhouse style planters here!


Comment below on your favorite porch decoration. I love sharing home decor ideas with you all and hope this information helps you to create your own easy and affordable outdoor entryway.

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