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Fall Floral Ceiling Cloud Tutorial

How to make a spooktacular hanging floral cloud for your home.

Learn how to make a gorgeous Fall floral Ceiling Cloud with these easy steps
Fall Floral Ceiling Cloud

Floral installations are trending now. You may have seen them floating around on Instagram or Pinterest. I have been pinning several of my favorite floral cloud inspirations over on Pinterest for about a year now and I'm so excited to finally put my own twist on one.

With the start of a new Autumn season, I knew I wanted to warm up my home and what better way to do that than to add a stunning dried floral arrangement to a space.

For this project, I concentrated on scale of the arrangement and texture.

The neat thing about installing a floral cloud whether it is attached to a ceiling or chandelier is that it gives the eye a focal point and adds dimension to a room.

These breathtaking statement pieces are popular to use as wedding reception decor, but they are also becoming a popular trend in the boho decor community.

Here is how you can make your own Fall floral ceiling cloud:

Floral Installation Supplies

Supplies you will need:

  • chicken wire

  • wire cutters

  • zip ties

  • fishing line

  • scissors

  • ceiling hooks

  • dried floral

  • faux greenery (optional)

  • seasonal embellishments such as pumpkins, crow, and bats

ceiling hooks and fishing line

Step 1

This first thing you'll want to do is tie the fishing line to your ceiling hooks. I highly recommend making your fishing line longer than needed so that you can easily adjust the hanging height of the floral cloud accordingly.

Step 2

Install the hooks to the ceiling. The fishing line should already be attached and one less thing you'll need to do on a ladder. (Tip: I recommend pre-painting the ceiling hooks white or to whatever color your ceiling is so that the hooks are not an eyesore.)

ceiling hooks

Step 3

Roll the chicken wire into a tube shape. I used zip ties to secure the chicken wire together and I pushed down on the ends of any wires sticking up to avoid having sharp ends. Please be careful not to poke yourself with the wire.

chicken wire roll for a floral cloud

Step 4

Attach the chicken wire to the fishing line that is hanging down from the hooks.

Floral cloud arrangement using pampas grass and dried floral

Step 5

Create your floral arrangement cloud! You may start to see the chicken wire rolling around as you poke the dried stems through the little cells in the wire, however once you alternate placing the longer pieces to each side of the wire roll it will become more balanced. Just be gentle and take your time inserting the stems through the cells so that the stems have good support and don't slip out.

Step 6

Trim down any stems that may be too long for the cloud.

Fall floral cloud with white pumpkins and Halloween decor

Installing a dried floral installation

Step 7

Add your favorite seasonal embellishments for a spooktacular look! Adding smaller details such as these white pumpkins can help hide any bare spots or exposed wire. This part is so much fun. I love getting creative with it!

boho style decor

hanging candles, cute spooky Halloween decor ideas

Floral Ceiling Cloud

Fall floral installation tutorial

I hope you enjoyed this spooktacular Fall floral cloud tutorial. If you do try to make one, please tag me on Instagram @thegiftedwreathllc or send me an email. I would love to see it and feature it on my social media pages.

Are you digging the floral installation trend?

shop my favorite dried floral from Afloral

Beautifully yours,




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