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Create Hallmark Moments with a Cozy Christmas Cocoa Bar for the Holidays.

This blog post contains affiliate links. I may make a small commission using the commissionable links provided at no additional cost to you. Please read my full disclaimer, here. Thank you for supporting The Gifted Wreath.

Hot Chocolate Bar Tips//

The Holiday Season is here! It's the perfect time of year to create Hallmark moments with a Cozy Christmas Cocoa Bar.

Create a Hallmark moment with a cozy Christmas hot chocolate bar.
Cozy Cocoa Bar

What is a Hallmark moment?

To me, Hallmark moments are all about creating unique Holiday traditions with your family and loved ones. A DIY Cozy Christmas Cocoa Bar is a fun way to come together as a family or to host friends for a cozy night in watching your favorite Christmas movies.

You can create your hot cocoa night to have themes such as ugly sweater attire, fuzzy Christmas socks, or wear matching family Christmas pajamas. The creativity is up to you!

We bought our matching Christmas PJs from Old Navy and love how accommodating the sizes are for the whole family.

Old Navy has comfy Christmas pajamas for the family.
Old Navy Jingle Jams For The Fam

Shop this look. Click on the images below.

How to create a DIY cozy Christmas cocoa bar

The best part about creating a cocoa bar is that you don't even need to clear off a table to create one. Using food trays, coffee tables, or even fireplace hearths are all handy ways you can create your DIY hot chocolate station without using your kitchen or dining room table.

We have a console table in our living room that serves as a buffet table, so that is where we set up our cocoa bar. Many of my followers on Instagram have asked where I bought the table. You can shop for the console table here.

Shop this look. Click on the image below.

How to serve the hot chocolate?

If you are using a large serving tray to create your cocoa bar:

Keep in mind that your space is limited if you are using a food tray for your hot chocolate station. I would recommend stacking paper coffee cups with lids to help prevent any spilling instead of using coffee mugs. Here is a list of things you can include on your hot chocolate tray:

-Paper coffee cups with lids

-Holiday napkins

-Thermos or coffee pot with hot chocolate

-cupcake holders or mini muffin tins with toppings (crushed peppermints, toffee bits, mini marshmallows, etc.)

-Candy canes for stirring sticks

If you are using a coffee table, fireplace hearth, or a standard table:

Since you have more space using any of these options, you can use a crockpot filled with hot chocolate. Here is a list of things you can include on your hot chocolate bar:

-Crockpot to keep the hot chocolate warm

-Christmas coffee mugs

-Coffee mug rack

-Tiered tray to store toppings (crushed peppermints, toffee bits, mini marshmallows, etc.)

-Candy canes for stirring sticks

-Hot cocoa sign

What additional toppings and holiday snacks go well with hot chocolate?

Shop for hot chocolate toppings at Target.
Cocoa Toppings from Target

Shop this look. Click on the images below.

Below is a suggested list of ingredients to add to your hot chocolate bar:

Pretzel sticks

Caramel popcorn

Flavored popcorn

Chocolate candies

Whip cream

Cinnamon sticks

Coconut shavings


Peppermint patties



Candy canes

What types of decorations should I add to my DIY Christmas cocoa bar?

Create a cozy cocoa bar for Christmas with the family.
Cozy Cocoa Bar

Faux mini Christmas trees

Fairy lights

Vintage bells

Christmas garland

Christmas wreath

Letterboard with fun Holiday sayings

Christmas lights


Holiday wood signs

Christmas Village

Holiday table runner


Creating a DIY Cozy Christmas Cocoa Bar this Holiday season may be the very thing that your family and love ones need to make special Hallmark memories together that will last.

Family traditions begin with fun holiday activities like this and can be looked forward to making together every year.

Will you be trying out any of these hot chocolate bar ideas? Tag @thegiftedwreathllc on Instagram for a chance to be featured.

Stay warm and cozy!

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