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5 Farmhouse Favorite Porch Planters from Amazon

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How to decorate your front porch using porch planters from The Gifted Wreath Blog
My Porch Decorating Guide

How to create a welcoming farmhouse style porch?

When I think of a farmhouse style porch, I think of pretty greenery, a comfy porch swing, and a coffee table with a pitcher of sun brewed sweet tea.

To me, creating a welcoming farmhouse style porch is all about creating a welcoming experience that will make your home a place that feels loved and cared for.

And the great news is, you don't even have to own a farmhouse to make this vision come to life. With a few porch decorating staples, you can achieve a welcoming front porch atmosphere you've always wanted for your home.

Use my simple porch decorating guide below to get started!

My 5 Farmhouse Favorite Porch Planters from Amazon

Sharing 5 Farmhouse Favorite Porch Planters from Amazon
5 Farmhouse Favorite Porch Planters

First, let's start with picking the perfect porch planter for your space. I found five porch planters on Amazon that I think you will love.

1. The most popular porch planter is the black urn. It's such a classic look and comes in a variety of sizes and colors.

2. Another trending planter is the imitation stone. It's a beautiful beige color that can make a front porch space feel light and airy.

3. Concrete planters are a fun modern way to add texture and aesthetics to your front entryway. I found this white concrete planter on Amazon that also comes in a gray finish.

4. Tall planters are great for adding height and privacy to your front porch. It's a beautiful balance between creating a welcoming entryway and adding a little privacy window covering.

5. Lastly, these white square planters are nice for adding your favorite flower combinations.

What can I plant in my front door planter?

If you are like me and have a hard time keeping plants alive, I highly recommend using faux plants to decorate your front porch planters.

I rounded up a few of my favorite artificial outdoor plants that are affordable and most importantly look so real!

These Cedar and tall topiary plants are my absolute favorite and are designed with high quality materials along with UV protection making them a durable and long lasting outdoor shrub. Get your outdoor porch and patio plants here.