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Floral Arrangements

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Floral Arrangements

Create your own DIY wreaths and bouquets using my step by step floral arrangement guide below.

Dried Floral Bouquet

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Choose a Vessel

step 1:

when selecting a vessel for a floral arrangement, look for unique finds that add character, color contrast, various widths, heights, and that creates a mood for your space. For example, the bee vessel below may look fun in a kitchen, while the dainty glass vessel may create a soft romantic mood by a bedside. This is where creativity can really add to your floral design.

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step 2:

choose Dried or Artificial flowers

for creating a floral arrangement that will last for years, I would recommend using either dried or artificial flowers. Using faux floral require minimum care, and the quality now a days are made to look realistic. When choosing faux stems, look for buds and greenery that are real like in nature to the flower's actual color and features. Below are a few of my top picks I love using in my floral designs.

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