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Showing you How to Make a Wreath in 5 Easy Steps

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all you need to know

Are you new to making wreaths and want to learn how to make an easy DIY wreath? Basically all you need to know to wreath making is right here in these 5 simple wreath making steps below. Each step explains the supplies you will need and what to think about when making your own DIY floral arrangement. Ready to get started?

Wreath making is easier than you may think. To me, the hardest part is figuring out what type of wreath to make. There are so many pretty styles on the market today, but many come with a hefty price tag. ( If you would rather purchase a more affordable wreath, visit my handmade wreath collection on Etsy, here. Proceeds from my shop benefits the Friedriech's Ataxia Research Alliance (FARA) in honor of my son). 


One of the perks to making your own wreath is saving money and creating something that is inspired by you! So with that in mind, what I would say to a beginner wreath maker is..."keep it simple". 

The below 5 simple wreath making steps will be all you need to know to making your very first wreath. See the below DIY steps to get started.

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Step 1. Choose your base 

Step 2. Choose your faux flowers

Pink Bouquet Flowers

Faux flowers

When selecting faux flowers, be sure to select ones that replicate a natural flower as much as possible. To do this, look at the color of the leaves, flower bud, and flower texture. If the artificial flower looks too plastic, off on colors, or the leaves are oddly shaped, then you know that flower would not be a good choice as you don't want your wreath to appear cheap and fake.


These lambs ear stems are one of my favorite real like stems to work with. They are soft and velvety and have a pretty sage coloring. You can purchase your lambs ears, here.

Step 3. Choose your greenery

eucalyptus garland


Adding pretty greenery to your wreath is what brings the wreath to life in my opinion. Eucalyptus garlands come in a variety of styles and stems and are my "go to" greenery when I am looking to fill in space between my flower arrangement. When selecting a greenery for your DIY wreath look for greenery that compliment your flowers by color, texture, and style. Eucalyptus greenery is perfect for filling in the gaps as the leaves cascades down and around the wreath and it pairs up nicely with most flowers. You can purchase your eucalyptus garland, here.  

Step 4. Choose your securing supplies

Jute String

Securing a floral arrangement is rather easy. All you really need is jute string. You can use this string on any type of wreath frame. Just wrap the string tightly around the floral arrangement and wreath frame and then secure it with a knot, that's it! You can even layer the leaves over the string to hide it.


Other useful securing supplies are scissors, pliers, floral wire, glue gun, and hot glue. But if you are looking to keep things simple for your very first DIY wreath, I would suggest just using jute string. You can purchase your string, here.

Step 5. Choose your ribbon (optional)

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